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SafeEdge (Garden Edging) is a versatile, maintenance-free solution to maintaining neat edges for lawns, flower beds, paths and driveways.

Made from powder-coated galvanised steel, SafeEdge is hard-wearing and long-lasting.

It does not rust or rot, and is completely bendable and easy to install.

With SafeEdge, you can give your garden the perfect edge and keep your garden in perfect shape.

SafeEdge is a durable product, built to last for the long term. It is weather-resistant; does not rust, rot or deteriorate; and is completely maintenance-free. Best of all, SafeEdge can be mown over with a lawnmower or grass cutter without damaging the product, making the upkeep of neat edges a breeze!




SafeEdge is extremely versatile, as it can be used to separate any garden component, including soil, sand, stones, gravel, cement, tiles and other hard landscaping. With SafeEdge, you can define your garden beds, lawns, paths and driveways with ease



SafeEdge is made from a strong but flexible pre-galvanised steel that can be bent into curved or angled shapes to suit any garden or landscaping layout, without damaging the product. SafeEdge can be removed and reused in a different location at any time. A rubber mallet can be used to bang out any curves and bends so that you can start from a straight line once again.

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