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We have sourced a supplier that can provide us with the following razor wire options

Flatwrap Ripper 700mm (15m per roll) @ R595 per roll
Flatwrap Standard 700mm (15m per roll) @ R420 per roll
Flatwrap Ripper 500mm (15m per roll) @ R450 per roll
Flatwrap Standard 500mm 15m per roll) @ R310 per roll

Concertina Ripper 700mm (10m per roll) @ R530 per roll
Concertina Stanard 700mm (12m per roll) @380 per roll
Concertina Ripper 500mm (10m per roll) @ R395 per roll
Concetina Stanard 500mm (10m per roll) @ R260 per roll

Other equipment Required
Hoggring Pliers @ R280
Higgrings 1000 per box @ R280

These prices do not include installation or delivery. Strictly COD and can be collected from us in Walkerville area once payment has been made and order placed (48 working hours).

If interested please contact Louise on 073 933 9873 at AAA Gardens

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