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AAA Gardens is a family run business which started in October 2012, but has been our dream . The members consist of Andrew Ransome, who is the owner, supervisor and the go to guy of the company. Andrew has been in the industry since 2000 and has worked hard for numerous Irrigation Companies in the past in Johannesburg, Durban and doing contracts in Mauritius. He is passionate about what he does and gives it his all. He also has his LIA (Landscaping Irrigation Association) qualification.

The other member of the team is Louise Ransome, who deals with the administrative and accounting aspect of the company, she has her N6 qualification in administration and always welcomes feedback from you our valued customer, so if you have any queries regarding your statements, invoices etc. please feel free to contact her.

The third and latest member is Maxi Pitts (mother in law) and she manages the second team, clients based in the South of Johannesburg 


The fourth member and future of AAA Gardens is Aiden Ransome, he is a little supervisor and co-owner in the making, and he is also the inspiration for finally fulfilling our dream of starting the company.

The teams I use are all South African Citizens and will vary on size depending of the job at hand, our teams are smaller and Andrew will always be on site, this means we might spend a little longer on site than other companies that offer the same service as we want to do the job at hand to the best of our ability and ensure that all work done is to your satisfaction.

Our services consist of the following:-

Garden Maintenance

Irrigation Maintenance and Installations

Bee Removals

Landscapes concepts and designs

Rubble Removal

Tree Felling

As we also do not have official looking contracts which binds you to certain terms and conditions, all we ask is that if you are not happy with the way something is done you advise us and we try alternative methods, in the same aspect if you have a compliment please let us know, we would like to convey this onto our website, which is http://aaagardens.co.za . Communication is always best. If you feel you are not receiving value for money and would like to terminate our services, we would require a written notification of this as we would have to do scheduling for the month ahead, but we will always strive to do our best so this is not the case.

Our contact details are as follows

Andrew Ransome                 Owner                    

078 670 3278                       andrewransome720@gmail.com

Louise Ransome                    Administrator        

073 933 9873                       louiseransome720@gmail.com

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